Blockchain Ethics

Blockchain functionality and use case fit

I’m at a loss with many things, and here is an important one that I would like to get feedback on.

There is a company called Gro-Intelligence. It provides global data agricultural commodities. My question relates to the applicability of any kind of blockchain to what they’re doing.

They gather all kinds of data (government estimates of production, satellite info, prices from commodity exchanges, etc.), clean them up and apply AI to make predictions (for the AI to work they have created their own ontology of the world of agriculture). They also assess the quality of the data by comparing several sources. That way they claim to be able to assess a government’s reporting biases.

Now, from a blockchain perspective, I don’t think there is a value to using blockchain to do what Gro is doing in 2019. (You might disagree?!) If, for example, we think of the government crop yield estimates as one oracle, the value is actually enhanced by Gro’s triangulation. Gro is more than a trusted intermediary - it actively increases the value of the data coming from the oracle. In other words, the intermediary works better in producing trusted data than a blockchain would.

Now, what about the future? We can imagine that smart contracts could enter this field. But what data would it use? Maybe Gro is in a position to build smart contracts on top of its existing ecosystem with a view to enabling smart contracts but using the data it produces itself rather than the original “dirty” data? Or maybe its cleaning up of the data is what could be built into the smart contract? And why not have a smart contract that is not on a blockchain?

If anyone understands my problem and would like to chip in, I’d be very grateful. I have no one to talk to about these matters.