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[Crypto Voting Project Update #2] Read my science fiction - Short Stories From Potential Futures

Please read and leave feedback on science fiction I wrote about crypto / blockchain voting in the U.S.! Crypto Voting & Science Fiction: Short Stories From Potential Futures

This week I wrote 2 short science fiction stories about the future of voting in the U.S. One is a dystopia, the other a dystopia. I plan for this to be the 2nd post in my series, but will only post it once I think it’s good. Please read it and leave feedback!

I also mocked out a web app for Rivest’s ThreeBallot voting system. Maybe I’ll make it and test it in class…

This week I had conversations with 2 more experts:

1 Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat - head of US Vote Foundation/Overseas Vote Foundation

We had a passionate conversation about the dangers posed by Voatz and the Entrepreneur/VC/”philanthropist” pushing it forward with funding.

2 Ron Rivest - I asked him to fill me in on the details of what happened with e2e verifiable voting system projects he had previously been a part of, and why these were not successfully brought to market. And more…

In the coming week I plan to revise my series introduction / paper, as well as revise my science fiction.

Goals for end of week: Have paper + science fiction in a good enough place that I can feel comfortable sharing it with Rivest and Benaloh (cryptographers I had previously consulted).

This is wicked Alex! With a month under your belt on this front, have you had a chance to show it to Rivest and Benaloh?