Blockchain Ethics

Welcome + Introductions

Welcome to Blockchain Ethics! We’re psyched to have you be a part of this community, course, and initiative.
Go ahead and introduce yourself here with the following:

  1. What is your “spirit candy” (a treat you enjoy that is most similar to you in xyz properties) and why
  2. A bit about yourself (e.g Whatever you’d like to share! Year, program, hobbies are good ones)
  3. What are you most psyched for in the field of Blockchain Ethics?


  1. Oreos! My spirit candy is most definitely this (sometimes unknowingly) vegan treat that comes in many flavors and sizes. I empathize with Oreo’s because what I wear on the outside is often a completely different sensation/texture than what is worn on the inside.
  2. I’m Océane, your TA for this class!
    I’m a 2nd year masters student at the Media Lab in the Responsive Environments group. I met the DCI (and the lab at large) a few years ago when the DCI hosted a cryptocurrency bootcamp. When I’m not building things or doing art, I’m hiking or cross-country skiing and just generally enjoying the grand outdoors.
  3. I believe the potential this field has yet to be defined. I’m excited to learn the boundaries of this work and explore the theory vs practical sense of where #BlockchainEthics will sit in our future.
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Hi all! :wave:

My name is Rhys Lindmark. I’m co-teaching the Blockchain Ethics class (along with @neha) at MIT in fall 2019.

  1. Spirit Candy: Takis. I know that’s not a candy. But I just recently tried them and love them. It counts as my spirit candy because I am spicy, limey, and full of MSG. :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. I love exploring weird music (check out “outsider music”). I love board games (check out Dixit). I was born and raised in Denver, CO and love spending time with my friends and family out there. The mountains are cool too.
  3. I’m interested in a wide variety of Blockchain Ethics topics—see the syllabus. But I’m honestly most interested in viewing it as a nonviolent movement, or as a new institution.

Thank you all for being here and excited to meet you!


Hi! I’m not sure what my spirit candy is so I will skip that. I would like to audit the class if space permits to learn more about the social impact of digital currencies. I am just starting to learn about bitcoin and blockchain and recently received the Certified Bitcoin Professional designation from the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. I am also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and am particularly interested in the fraud prevention aspect of digital currencies. I work for the Massachusetts Division of Banks as a bank examiner, so the information I learn in this class would form the basis of any decisions I might need to make about how to review potential blockchain use cases and what guidelines to consider as we go forward. I am looking forward to participating in this class and learning more about the work at DCI! Thank you!

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Hi! My name is Keeley and I’m a first year PhD student in Human Dynamics.

  1. Perhaps dark chocolate truffles. I empathize with the predictability of dark chocolate accompanied by the touch of surprise in discovering what’s inside.
  2. I love solo travelling and wandering around with an audiobook. I also enjoy yoga and cooking dinners with friends.
  3. I’ve been involved in tech for a number of years and have always been drawn to the related ethical questions. Yet, I’ve never had an opportunity to deeply explore the ethical implications of a very new technology with such high potential for impact. Blockchain Ethics seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that!
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Hello, My name is Alex.

  1. I like chocolate, hot sauce, and tea.
  2. I am a graduate student in the City Science group at the Media Lab. I enjoy reading, or listening to audio books, long walks and runs, exploring new cities and other places (including solo traveling), nature, and making art.
  3. I am psyched to spend time focusing on things I already enjoy learning and thinking about (techno-ethics / economics / all things crypto and blockchain) with a group of peers!
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Hello everybody, I’m Steve Flanagan!

  1. My spirit candy is Skittles because I’ve got many flavours! “Approximate knowledge of many things” fits me well
  2. I’m currently attending Northeastern University and am pursuing a computer science degree. I am a developer, and am trying to become a salesman for things I develop. Currently, I’m working on Bountium, a platform for smart-contract-powered business. Previously, I’ve worked on projects in geolocation, medical record management, point of sales systems, and developer tooling (meta). I generally work on backend and smart contract code, and am always looking for FOSS projects to contribute to, so send cool ones needing manpower my way. In my free time I love to run and listen to jazz!
  3. I am very interested in how new forms of human collaboration can be used to shift paradigms. This includes incentive alignment, open marketplaces in verticals previously gatekeeped, user-self-sovereignty in a users-as-assets-world, and transparent systems.

I’m eager to meet you all! I will mostly be participating remotely, but will hope to make any events that do fit for me.

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  1. My sprit candy is gummy bears
  2. I recently graduated from Babson college and now I’m working on a mining project trying to develop trapped renewable energy resources. I like watching films and discovering new music.
  3. I’m most interested in the economic aspects of crypto-ethics and learning more about effective altruism.
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  • Sour patch kids - mainly they are my favorite guilty road trip pleasure. I suppose they are also colorful, full of energy, and hit all of the senses (sweet + sour!)
  • Not a current student :slight_smile: Working on Celo, founded by MIT alum. Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.
  • I’m very conscious about the long term impact of Celo; particularly with communities we are working with around the world
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Hi there, Super excited to join this class! My name is Minzi

  1. M&M chocolate! - Colorful outside but sweet and dark inside :wink:
  2. I am a third year master student at Harvard Graduate School of Design, studying design technology n urban design. My interest is in VR prototyping and all types of emerging technology!
  3. Its status of WIP and the superpower to change the way people use money!
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Hi friends! I’m Natalya – super excited to get to know everyone.

  1. My “spirit candy” are the Trolli Gummy Eggs mostly because they are so tangy and sweet! I also love that they are colorful, and are a source of comfort when I feel stressed, tired or anything where I need a small resiliency boost. Hopefully this parallels who I am for those around me, especially my friends!

  2. I am a joint MPA/MBA student at the Harvard Kennedy School and Stanford’s GSB. I’m originally from the snowy land of Minnesota and have lived in the Bay Area for the past 8 years. Have done a ton of different things in the blockchain/crypto space, and excited to do more.
    During my spare time I enjoy being a financial literacy coach, advocate for women on boards and working on my non-profit. I’m also an avid golfer and I love improv :D.

  3. From my professional and academic experience, I’m finally excited to be thinking about policy and governance issues that surround this space. I think it’s so important, and I’m excited to develop a critical eye for it.

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  1. Am I obliged to say dark chocolate, being a former head of the MIT Lab for Chocolate Science?

  2. I’m a 6th year PhD student in CSAIL in theoretical computer science under Erik Demaine. Right now I mostly just prove games and puzzles are computationally intractable, but I’ve also been known to work on cache adaptive and cache oblivious algorithms, reversible computing, and computational geometry and origami. Outside of research, I like games (mostly larping and cooperative board games), theater (particularly musicals, I’m planning to go see Akhnaten later this fall if anyone else is into Philip Glass), and reading (mostly sci-fi and recently working my way through some Tennesee Williams and Ted Chiang).

  3. Lately I’ve been generally interested in the ethics of digital technologies, and bothered by the lack of standardized design methodologies that take into account technology as embedded in a dynamic socio-technical system. I didn’t have any specific interest in blockchain coming in, but you’ve convinced me it’s quite interesting to think about :smiley:

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Hi everyone, I’m Dave–so glad to be part of this group!

  1. Honey Pie from Brassica in JP… not too sweet, a little salty, lots of depth. its :ok_hand:
  2. I’m a Harvard neurosurgery resident physician, and currently a visiting scientist in Ed Boyden’s Lab, right across the hall. Love to run, hike, sail, cook, find new music.
  3. I’ve heard a lot about this field from friends, but haven’t had much exposure to the details, or had the chance to think about some of the larger societal implications. Stoked to learn more about the potential for the technology both as an institution and a currency. Also hoping to better understand the underpinnings and other potential applications.
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Welcome Alex! I also love those things re: #1, in that order :upside_down_face:

Hi Dave! Welcome :pray: I’ve yet to boost over to JP…now a honey pie from Brassica is on my list!

Hi Jayson :wave: So nice to see a fellow thespian in the crowd (Akhnaten has been on my list of things to see for a minute)

Hello Natalya! I love this description of the trolli gummy eggs and how you fit into your relationships that way :upside_down_face:

Hi Minzi :wave: Welcome!! You’re so right - this field is most definitely a WIP and that is incredibly exciting.

Welcome Vanessa! :wave: I’m looking forward to talking to you about Celo and what your (ideal) vision for long-term impact is and what type of trajectory the Celo team is working towards :up:

Welcome Keeley! :wave: Hard-core resonating with the love + empathy of dark chocolate truffles :chocolate_bar: